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photo presenting gladys boucaud in her home studio

Listen to my demo




You are an audiovisual communication agency, a marketing agency, an independent video producer ? Your scripts and videos are ready, but you still haven't found the right person to produce your voice recording.


You don't know how to search, what criteria to choose in order to find the one who will be able to highlight your audio performance and thus, reach your target audience. For your corporate video, your advertising film, whatever the specialty, the voice-over is one of the best strategies of video communication. Its strong points? It is above all :


  1. Professional

  2. Indépendent

  3. Available

  4. Motivated

That's exactly how i am, a voice over talent :

  1. Professional, i have all the necessary equipment for sound recordings delivered in 24/48 hours, with an irreproachable audio sound.

  2. Independent, i will be your only interlocutor, so you will avoid wasting time going through an intermediary. Moreover, I have a home studio, my sound services will be in the desired format (mp3, wav, aiff), raw and cleaned, your edits and post-production mixes can be done in peace.  

  3. Available for you, because the satisfaction of the customer is my priority, it is not in my habits to say " We are Friday, it is 17h it is the weekend, call me rather Monday ".                                                                                                                                                

  4. Motivated to be part of your adventure, because after all, your success is also a bit mine.


In which specialties does the voice over talent intervene ?                                                    Some examples

  • Motion design video 

The principle is based on the fact of animating graphic elements and transmitting a message in a rather short time, less than 2 minutes. More and more companies are using this type of communication to talk about their know-how and/or their branded products using a rather dynamic tone, for a targeted audience. Internet is its main medium of diffusion.

There are 3 categories of motion design videos 

  1. Corporate:  It is used to promote a company or its products to its potential customers.                                                                          
  2. Storytelling: The animation often starts with "here is + the first name ...". The goal is to explain a solution to a problem by telling a story that could happen in reality. This way, the client can identify with it.                                                                      
  3. Explanatory: In this type of video, we explain to a potential user of audio software, for example, what are the different steps to follow to use it.
  • Corporate movie

It is distributed in internal or external communication. Its objective is to praise the merits of a company, to highlight services, to promote future events.

  • Billboard 

Sponsorship advertising. Short video advertisement, usually 6 seconds long, before and/or after a program. The purpose of this type of visual communication is to advertise a brand, a product or a service while presenting the program that is about to start or that has just ended.

  • Advertising 

Before the internet, the commercial was broadcast on radio and TV. Today it is everywhere, on youtube, dailymotion, vimeo ... And accessible to all audiovisual producers and for all budgets.

  • Audiobook

As the name suggests, it is a book recorded and read aloud by a professional voiceover artist.

  • Documentary

Sort of report broadcasted on TV about real facts of life, history, life of animals, daily life of people ...

  • Voice over

This is the principle of dubbing the voice of a foreign person who is being interviewed. Be careful not to confuse with film dubbing.

  • Teaser trailer

It is the broadcasting of excerpts of the best parts of a film before its broadcast.

  • Phone messaging

The voice message represents the seriousness and professionalism of the company when the customer makes contact.

  • Podcast

Diffusion d’un enregistrement audio ou vidéo sur le web seulement, accessible quel que soit l’endroit où on se trouve.

What type of voice are you looking for ?

This will depend on the target of your message and the tone you want to set.

  • Male

  • Male voice with a medium tone

The target will be rather young and the tone dynamic. It will be used for example for radio ads, motion design, animation videos for children and teenagers...

  • Male voice low tone

The target is rather adult, a reassuring, authoritative, straight tone. The deep voice is often present in radio dressings, jingles, institutional films of a scientific nature...  

  • Female

  • Female voice, high tone

For children, as in cartoons, storybooks, commercials, jingles... The high-pitched female voice will rarely be used for serious messages. However, there are still a multitude of specialties in which it is quite suitable.

  • Female voice, medium tone

My voice is medium in tone and because I know how to use my vocal tool, I can modulate it in the highs and lows. It can be punchy, dynamic, reassuring, soft... 

  • Female voice low tone

We find it in the advertisements of adult target, in the institutional, the documentary...

Are you looking for a quality or cheap voice over talent ?

The market has changed and evolved a lot, but not always in the right direction.

There are now multiple low cost platforms, one of which I won't mention because I think it's killing our beautiful profession.


If you are looking for low cost, unfortunately you are not in the right place.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is the guarantee of a professional result that meets your expectations, then you have succeeded in your female voice over casting.


How to formulate your request  ?

You know how to name the nature of your project, you have chosen the gender and the voice tone that best correspond to your script and the client you are targeting, and finally, your voice budget is set.

All that remains is for you to formulate your request with as much precision as possible, important for the smooth running of your collaboration :

  • Your video's specialty

  • The broadcasting medium (TV, radio, internet)

  • The area of distribution (local, regional, national, international).

  • The expected duration of the broadcast

  • Your budget allocated for the voice service (according to the current rates).

  • The reading time of the script

You send your script

  • Use a maximum of 2 colors

  1. For your instructions (tone, pronunciation of particular words), preferably located at the top of the page, except if you ask for a pause between 2 sentences, in this case write "PAUSE" or [ ].

  2. For the script itself, only what should be read by the voice artist.

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