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   female voice-over

photo de gladys boucaud voix off femme

Are you an audiovisual communication agency, a marketing agency, an independent video producer? ... Your scripts and videos are ready, but you have not yet found the female voice-over that suits your expectations for the production of your voice recording.


You do not know how to look, what criteria to choose to succeed in the casting  female voiceover who will highlight your audio performance and thus reach the target audience. For your corporate video, your commercial, whatever the specialty, voice-over is one  of the best video communication strategies. Its strengths. French voiceover talent for years, I put my know-how at the service of your company .

  1. Professional

  2. Independent

  3. Available 

  4. Motivated

Good thing, it's totally me, if you are looking for a female voiceover, I am the one for you. I am a voice-over actress:

  1. Professional: Because I have  all the  material necessary for sound recordings delivered in 24 / 48h, with an irreproachable audio sound.                                  

  2. Independent  : Because I will be your only interlocutor, you will thus avoid wasting time going through an intermediary for your voice castings.  In addition, I have a home studio, my sound performances will be at  desired format (mp3, wav, aiff), raw and cleaned, your post production edits and mixes can be done in peace.                                  

  3. Available :  Because customer satisfaction is my priority, it is not my habit to say  "We are Friday, it is 5 pm it is the weekend, rather call me Monday".                                                                          

  4. Motivated to be part of your adventure, because after all, your success is also somewhat mine.



  • Video motion design 

The principle is based on animating graphic elements and to transmit a message in a fairly short time, less than 2 minutes. More and more companies are using this type of communication to talk about their know-how and / or their branded products using a rather dynamic tone, aimed at a targeted audience. The Internet is its main distribution medium.

There are 3 categories of motion design videos 

  1. Corporate: also called institutional film, it is used to make  promoting a company or its products to potential customers.                                                                          
  2. Storytelling: Animation often begins with  "  here is + the first name… ”. The goal is to explain a solution to a problem by telling a story that could happen in reality. This way the customer can identify himself.                                                                      
  3. Explanation: In this type of video, we will explain, for example, to a potential user of audio software, what are the different steps to follow to use it.
  • Corporate film 

  • Billboard 

Sponsorship advertising. Short advertising video generally 6 seconds long, before and / or after a broadcast. The purpose of this type of visual communication is to advertise a brand, a product or a service while presenting the program that is about to start or that has ended immediately.

  • Publicity 

Before the internet, the advertising spot was broadcast on radio and TV. Today it is everywhere, on youtube, dailymotion, vimeo… And accessible to all audiovisual producers and for all budgets.

  • Audiobook (audiobook) 

As the name suggests, it is a book recorded and read aloud by a professional voiceover.

  • Documentary 

A form of report broadcast on a TV medium focusing on real life facts, history, the life of animals, people's daily lives, etc.

  • Voice over 

It is the principle of doubling the voice of a foreign person who is interviewed. Be careful not to confuse this with film dubbing.

  • Trailer 

It is the diffusion of excerpts of the best parts of a film before its diffusion.

  • Voicemail 

  • Podcast 

Broadcasting of an audio or video recording on the web only, accessible wherever you are.


  • Is your commercial aimed at a rather young audience?

  •   Is your motion design video aimed at companies or individuals?

  • Is your audiobook technical, sentimental, or telling a children's story?

You must answer these questions according to the audiovisual specialty before choosing the voice-over. 


To recruit a voice-over, the female or male gender and the tone you want to set will be part of   essential points to take into account before making your choice.

The more the years go by, the more women consume. Why ?

Because they are independent, they earn their living and occupy as important a place as men in our society.  


Temptations are omnipresent regardless of the broadcasting medium used by audiovisual professionals.


Video and audio producers are not afraid to shock, on the contrary, because if the message is powerful, it will be understood perfectly.

To do this, they will use television, radio and the internet to reach as many consumers as possible.

According to recent reports, the target female clientele is predominantly targeted by audiovisual agencies, which is why  female voice-overs are more and more in demand in castings.


  • The female voice over identifies with the female audience

Today, almost no subject is taboo.

The message from one woman to another will be understood because they feel and experience the same things.


Take the example of the advertisement "Nana", Would you have thought a few years ago, to see on your TV screen, moreover at prime time, such an explicit advertisement concerning the menstrual cycle?  Probably not.


Minds are more open and the woman feels much more free to express herself.

Even with the prettiest of voices, a man probably wouldn't have enough credibility in the eyes of women, even imagining himself.


  • The female voice-over is also aimed at male audiences

The man likes to be mothered… And I do not say that because I am a woman ☺.

It is more psychologically pleasant for a man to be directed by a female GPS voice system,  because it is more reassuring, more maternal, rather than having to obey a male voice perceived as being authoritarian.

Even in tutorials dedicated to DIY, men gradually trust what the woman is saying.

  • The female voice-over is versatile

Producers of animated videos and cartoons regularly call on female spoken voice professionals. They can imitate the tone of voice of a little boy, a little girl, a teenager, a grandfather, a grandmother.  Because unlike men, they don't have this voice constraint that changes during puberty,  their vocal tool is more malleable


  • The male voice-over is also flexible

The masculine tone brings security, authority, experience, but also seduction, sensuality. This is why deep voices are so sought after.


The male voice-over is flexible too.

It is present in radio packaging, documentaries, TV and radio advertisements, the audiotel, cartoons ...

A little nod to the voice-over actor Laurent PASQUIER, Mickey's voice is him!


  • Voice over man medium stamp 

The target will be rather young and the tone dynamic. It will be used for example for radio ads, motion design, animation videos for children and teenagers ...

  • Voice over man serious stamp 

The recipient is rather adult,  the male voice-over employs a reassuring, authoritative, straightforward tone. The deep voice is often present in radio packaging, jingles, institutional films of a scientific nature ... 

  • Female voiceover high-pitched stamp

The high-pitched female voiceover that you prospect  will be suitable for young audiences, as in cartoons, storybooks, pubs played, jingles ... The high-pitched female voice will rarely be broadcast on messages of the serious genre. In spite of everything, there remains a multitude of specialties in which perfectly suits.

  • Female voice over medium stamp 

If your choice of voice-over  is on the medium level, my voice is what you need.  I know how to use my voice tool, I can  therefore modulate it in the treble and bass. It can be punchy, dynamic, reassuring, sweet ... 

  • Female voice over serious stamp 

It is found in adult target advertisements, in institutional, documentary ...


The market has changed and evolved a lot, but not always in a good way.

There are now multiple low cost platforms, one of which is precisely, for which I will keep the name hidden so as not to advertise it, because I consider that it kills our beautiful profession.


If you are looking for a cheap female voice over artist, unfortunately you are not in the right place.

On the other hand, if what matters to you is the guarantee of having a professional result that meets your expectations, then you have successfully completed your female voice over casting.


You know how to name the nature of your project, you have chosen  the gender and tone of voice that best match your script and target client, and finally, your voice budget is set.

All you have to do is formulate your request with as much detail as possible, important for the smooth running of a collaboration, then specify:

  • The specialty of your video (or audio)

  • The broadcast medium (tv, radio, internet)

  • The dissemination area (local, regional, national, international).

  • The planned broadcast duration

  • The reading time of the script (one minute reading for 150/160 words).

  • Your budget allocated for the voice service (according to the tariffs in force).


  • Use 2 colors maximum

  1. For your directives (tone, pronunciation of particular words), preferably located at the top of the page, except if you ask for a pause between 2 sentences, in this case write "PAUSE" or [].                                                         

  2. For the script itself, only what should be read by the vocal artist.


Vous aurez compris que la voix off est partout lors de campagne radio, tv...

Gladys BOUCAUD female voice-over, my voice at your service

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