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Top 44 French voice actors of American actors

Have you ever, while watching a movie, thought:

"That's funny, it sounds like the voice of ..." Without being able to find his name ?

You only know that it's the same voice as another actor in another movie, or from a commercial you saw on TV.

As a "lambda" person, it is quite excusable not to know which French voice doubles an American actor.

But when you're a professional voiceover artist, it's a little less so.

It's a bit like a French chef not knowing who Paul Bocuse was.

Even if there are differences between the voice-over dubbing profession and the voice-over actor, it is essential for the voice-over to have a base, a reference. Why is that?

  1. First of all, to have a culture of the profession, to enrich one's knowledge, one must always be on the lookout for what is happening in the field.

  2. Because it is a plus if during a casting, in studio or home studio, an artistic director asks you to do a voice like Dorothée Pousséo.

In this article, you will discover 44 of the most famous french voice actors in the dubbing business. Each of them dubs a multitude of American actors, you will find in this list some examples.

Most popular French voiceover artists

1 - Véronique Augereau

photo de veronique augereau doubleuse voix et marge des simpson
Véronique Augereau - Marge

She doubles the voices of Brooke Smith, Linda Hamilton, Leslie Hope...

She is best known for dubbing the voice of Marge Simpson in "The Simpsons", as well as Patty and Selma, Marge's twin sisters.

2 - Françoise Cadol

photo de angelina jolie
Angélina Jolie

She is the official voice of Angelina Jolie, but also of Sandra Bullock, Patricia Arquette...

3 - Maïk Darah

photo de maïk dara doubleuse voix et courtney cox
Maïk Darah - Courtney Cox

Her real name is Marie-Christine Darah.

Actress, she always doubles the voice of Whoopi Goldberg, as well as Courtney Cox, Angela Bassett...

4 - Claire Guyot

photo de l actrice teri hatcher
Teri Hatcher

She is an actress, singer and artistic director.

She doubles the voice of Teri Hatcher, Winona Ryder, Sarah Michelle Gellar...

5 - Brigitte Lecordier

photo de brigitte lecordier doubleuse voix et goku
Brigitte Lecordier - Goku

The voice of Dragon Ball Z, it's her, but also the cartoons Oui-Oui, Bouba...

6 - Virginie Ledieu

photo de virginie ledieu doubleuse voix et jennifer grey
Virginie Ledieu - Jennifer Grey

Between 2008 and 2009, she played in the French television series "Plus belle la vie".

She doubles the voices of Jennifer Grey, Anne Heche, Maria Bello...

7 - Céline Montsarrat

photo de julia roberts
Julia Roberts

She is regularly heard on the lidl tv commercials.

She is best known for dubbing the voice of Julia Roberts, as well as Melina Kanakaredes or Anne Heche.

8 - Dorothée Pousséo

photo de jennifer finnigan
Jennifer Finnigan

Actress and artistic director, she doubles the voices of Jennifer Finnigan, Elsa Pataky, Margot Robbie...

9 - Odile Schmitt

photo de odile schmitt doubleuse voix et eva longoria
Odile Schmitt - Eva Longoria

Actress and artistic director, she was the French voice of Eva Longoria. She unfortunately passed away in 2020.

10 - Barbara Tissier

photo de barbara tissier doubleuse voix et cameron diaz
Barbara Tissier - Cameron Diaz

Actress and artistic director, she lends her voice to Cameron diaz, Raven-Symoné, Rhona Mitra...

Doubleurs voix français les plus populaires

11 - Benoit Allemane

photo de benoit allemane et morgan freeman
Benoit Allemane - Morgan Freeman

He is the main double of Morgan Freeman. His powerful and bewitching voice is recognizable between 1000.

12 - Féodor ATKINE

photo de feodor atkine et hugh laurie
Féodor ATKINE - Hugh Laurie

Like most voice actors, he has participated in numerous films and television series, both in France and abroad, and has acted in many plays.

He is Hugh Laurie's voice dubber and recently Tommy Lee Jones' voice dubber.

13 - Daniel BERETTA

photo de arnold schwarzenegger

In addition to being an author, composer and performer, he is Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice actor.

14 - Patrick BETHUNE

photo de patrick bethune doubleur voix et jack bauer
Patrick Bethune - Jack Bauer

Before becoming an actor, he was a concert organizer for famous artists such as Marvin Gay, Donna Summer, David Bowie, Tina Turner...

Among others, he dubbed the voice of Jack Bauer, Kiefer Surtherland, Brendan Gleeson...

He died in 2017.

15 - Damien BOISSEAU

photo de matt damon
Matt Damon

He is the main voice of Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Patrick Dempsey...

16 - Roger CAREL

photo de roger carel doubleur voix et asterix
Roger Carel - Astérix

He was a talented stage actor, film and TV actor.

His voice, especially that of Asterix, is known for several generations. He also dubbed the British actor Benny Hill, the famous alien Alf and so many others. He left us in 2020.

17 - Bruno CHOËL

photo de bruno choel doubleur voix et jason bateman
Bruno Choël - Jason Bateman

He is the voice doubler of Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Bateman...

18 - Emmanuel CURTIL

photo de emmanuel curtil doubleur voix et matthew perry
Emmanuel Curtil - Matthew Perry

Very active in dubbing and voice over. He dubs Matthew Perry, Kyle Chandler, Ben Stiller...

19 - Richard Darbois

photo de richard darbois doubleur voix off et richard gere
Richard Darbois Richard Gere

Renowned French-Canadian actor. The voice of NRJ is him. He is the famous voice of Harrison Ford and Richard Gere, but also of Patrick Swayze, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum...

20 - Thierry DESROSES

photo de thierry desroses doubleur voix et samuel jackson
Thierry Desroses - Samuel Jackson

A person with three hats, actor, director and artistic director. He doubles the voice of many American actors, Samuel Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Delroy Lindo...

21 - Alain Dorval

photo de sylvester stallone
Sylvester Stallone

He is the voice of the famous Sylvester Stallone...

22 - Xavier Fagnon

photo de jason momoa
Jason Momoa

He is the voice of many American actors, Jason Momoa, Hugh Jackman, Matthew Fox...

23 - Jacques Frantz

photo de robert de niro
Robert de Niro

He was the voice actor of Tom Selleck, Robert de Niro, Mel Gibson...

He died recently (2021).

24 - Bernard Gabay

photo de gary sinise
Gary Sinise

He is the official voice of Gary Sinise, Antonio Banderas, Robert Downey...

25 - Greg Germain

photo de will smith
Will Smith

Actor, theater director and director.

Known in the 80s for his leading role as a doctor in the TV series "Night Doctors".

He is the double of Will Smith.

26 - Med Hondo

photo de eddy murphy
Eddy Murphy

His real name was Abib Mohamed Medoun Hondo. He was a French-Mauritanian actor, director, screenwriter and producer.

He was the voice actor of the American actor Eddy Murphy.

Med Hondo died in 2019, Christophe Peyroux is the new voice of Eddy Murphy.

27 - Éric Herson-Macarel

photo de daniel craig
Daniel Craig

A stage and film actor, he is also the official voice of Daniel Craig and the new voice of Bruce Willis since the sad death in 2020 of the famous actor and voice actor Patrick Poivey.

28 - Emmanuel Jacomy

photo de pierce brosman
Pierce Brosman

Actor, artistic director and adapter.

He also regularly doubles Forest Whitaker, as well as Denzel Washington, Pierce Brosman...

29 - Lucien Jean-Baptiste

photo de lucien jean baptiste doubleur voix et martin lawrence
Lucien Jean-Baptiste Martin Lawrence

Actor, director and screenwriter. He directed and interpreted the films " the first star ", " He already has your eyes ", " Thank God ".

He doubles the voices of Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Martin Lawrence...

30 - Axel Kiener

photo de axel kiener doubleur voix et jay hernandez
Axel Kiener - Jay Hernandez

French actor who can be seen every day in the TV series "Demain nous appartient" as Samuel.

He is among others the voice of Eric Christian Olsen, and Jay Hernandez...

31 - Bernard Lanneau

photo de kevin costner
Kevin Costner

He is the voice of Kevin Costner, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum...

32 - Christophe Lemoine

photo de christophe lemoine doubleur voix et joshua morrow
Christophe Lemoine - Joshua Morrow

It is the voice of Joshua Morrow, kosh Gad, Sean Astin...

33 - Jean-Pierre Michaël

photo de jean pierre doubleur voix et ben affleck
Jean-Pierre Michaël - Ben Affleck

He is known for having played the role of Marc Venturi in the television series RIS and recently played the role of Pierre in the series broadcast every day "Here it all begins".

He doubles Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Jim Caviezel...

34 - Michel Papineschi

photo de tony shalhoub
Tony Shalhoub

He was the official voice of the late Robin Williams. He also doubles the voice of Tony Shalhoub the famous maniacal detective "Monk".

35 - Christophe Peyroux

photo de eddy murphy
Eddy Murphy

Actor, singer, former backup singer for Eddy Mitchel

He doubles the voice of James Lesure. He is now the official voice of Eddy Murphy since the death of Med Hondo.

36 - Philippe Peythieu

photo de philippe peythieu doubleur voix et homer simpson
Philippe Peythieu - Homer Simpson

Actor specialized in voice dubbing. He is the official voice of Homer in "The Simpsons".

37 - Patrick Poivet

photo de patrick poivet doubleur voix et bruce willis
Patrick Poivet - Bruce Willis

He was the official voice of Bruce Willis for years. Died in 2020, Eric Herson-Macarel succeeds him.

38 - Jean-Philippe PUYMARTIN

photo de jean philippe puymartin doubleur voix et tom hanks
Jean-Philippe Puymartin - Tom Hanks

He is an actor, director and art director.

He doubles the actors Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise...

39 - Stéphane Ronchewski

photo de damon wayans
Damon Wayans

He is an actor and writer and doubles the voice of Damon Wayans in the American series "My Family First".

40 - Alexis Tomassian

photo de tobey maguire
Tobey Maguire

He is known to do the voices of Tobey Maguire, Shia labeouf, Zach Braff...

41 - Antoine Tomé

photo de antoine tome doubleur voix et john travolta
Antoine Tomé - John Travolta

Actor, songwriter, performer, musician. He is the regular voice of John Travolta...

42 - Alexis Victor

photo de bradley cooper
Bradley Cooper

He is the French voice of Bradley Cooper, Kevin McKidd...

43 - Damien Witeckan

photo de leonardo di caprio
Léonardo Di Caprio

He doubles the voice of Leonardo Di Caprio, but also of Tobey Maguire, Jared Leto...

44 - Emmanuel Karsen

photo de emmanuel karsen doubleur voix et sean penn
Emmanuel Karsen - Sean Penn

Actor, musician, artistic director, he has been Sean Penn for several decades.


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